GoBuda Mall Fitness Centre

GoBuda Mall Fitness Centre

The fitness room in GoBuda Mall (former EuroCenter Shopping Centre) has reopened with a new concept and original design.
With its black painted ceiling, moody lights, spectacular patterned carpet and golden monkey statue in the foreground, you might think you were in a Las Vegas casino - provided, of course, you ignore the ultra-modern machines that have been installed in the recently opened fitness room at GoBuda Mall.
The gym's owners were determined to make it a prime meeting and recreational space in Óbuda, thanks to its prime location. The idea was not to turn it into a classic gym, but to create a community space where the inhabitants of the district - mainly women - could come to exercise and spend a few hours in a pleasant atmosphere. This is also why the interior, created by Gergő Fejes (Plusdesign Studio) and co-designer László Soltész, architect, is more reminiscent of a casino, bar or nightclub interior than a usual gym design. 
The result is a community space with a casino and bar atmosphere.With only a small number of windows, the space is basically dark, and this has been played up by the black painted ceiling. This is coupled with wallpapered wall surfaces, which are given an exciting colour palette in each section by programmable RGB and LED lights.
The most striking feature of the space is the attractive, brightly coloured carpet with its exciting pattern and hard-wearing design, with the only more striking colour being the giant monkey statue at the entrance.
The fitness room was a bucket list project for designer Gergő Fejes, and the client was actively involved in its design, resulting in a community space with a casino and bar feel.

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